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Matthew Cassar

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Matthew Cassar studied at the University of Hartford in the Hartford Art School, earning a B.F.A. in printmaking. Cassar's work is inspired by the art and culture of Medieval and Renaissance Europe. In his recent series of relief prints, Cassar's images contrast the darkness and fear associated with the Medieval era against the learning and hope that characterizes the Renaissance era. These influences informed Cassar's own narrative world in his work, creating two fictitious cultures: one with a heavy presence of Paganistic magicks and the quest for equality in the face of a massive empire; the other dependent on monotheistic religion where their god determines their survival.

When exhibiting these images, Cassar presents them as a museum curator would, setting a historical narrative by using the artwork and artifacts of the culture.

Artist Statement:

Currently my work has dealt with the idea of storytelling as seen through the use of history and myths. The idea of telling stories has always been one that greatly interested me when it came to constructing my images. Recently I have focused more on the idea of creating legends that stem from the lore of a fictional civilization. With the creation of this world I’ve not only learned a lot more about what my artistic sensibilities are, but also what my theological, philosophical and world perceptions are. When it comes to creating these pieces I try to think about them in sense of how an archeologist would; almost as if they had just stumbled upon the discovery of a lost civilization. What I have enjoyed the most about creating this world is the process behind the creation of false artifacts and icons that would have been around during these people’s lives.

Cassar currently acts as President of the NAC Artists' Cooperative.

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